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Get inspired by light magazine goes international!

James Turrell – Floater 99 (1999/2001), photo by Frank Vinken

A year after piloting GIBL (Get inspired by light) magazine together with Corienne Merkens, we’re ready to take it to the next step. GIBL will become a global magazine for an international audience.

Get inspired by light magazine is all about light and especially created for architects. “You think light is just something that appears when you switch it on, but it is actually very special. It has so many different functions”, says editor-in-chief Corienne Merkens.

The magazine is an initiative by TRILUX and contains interviews with architects, artists and lighting designers as well as blogs about light. It also highlights inspirational lighting design projects. “Get inspired by light magazine is an accessible way for the architect to gain knowledge on the different aspects of light.”

She continues: “Architects design buildings with the end user in mind. How can you create the best workspaces for employees in office buildings, or learning spaces for students in schools. Lighting plays a massive role in that process.”

Get inspired by light magazine – Lighting design around the world (august 2018):

In the latest edition we look at lighting design in all corners of the world. Lighting designer Gaurav Jain explains why the experience and use of light differs between Asia and Europe. Lighting designer Carlijn Timmermans talks about how light can help accomplish the UN Sustainable Development goals. We take a closer look at the impressive art installations in the world’s only light art museum. What is the main philosophy behind the works of world renowned artist Olafur Eliasson? 

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